A Modest Effort in Numerical Methods
You need Java to see this applet.

BFlow is a function library for doing computational fluid
dynamics modeling in Excel.  It allows users to create Excel
models that will calculate fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass
transfer in simple 2d geometries.  It is a work in progress, but
the basic functionality is there.  Its a great way to experiment
with modeling.  Check it out.  Its free.

FlexPDE is a great general purpose program developed by
PDE Solutions for numerically solving partial differential
equations.  I have developed several models with this tool and
they are posted
here.  These models are a bit old now, having
been developed with version 2 of the code.  Still they
demonstrate the capabilities of the tool.

Check out my blog!  It describes various experiments in
numerical methods.  These includes explorations of data
structures, mesh generation and other topics relevant to
Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Tee Shirts

Show the world where your heart is.  Where a tee shirt with
you favorite fluid dynamics equation on it.  I made these
mostly for the fun of it, but some people really like them.
Magnetron Sputtering

This book explores the fascinating world of PVD sputtering.  
Using Mathematica we construct models of electron motion,
erosion and deposition.

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